TriForce had a great day at Santa Cruz 70.3. 5 podiums, 3 more top 10s, several PRs, and tons of strong performances.  We also won the club championship, more than doubling the next team!

(pics lost in website switchover)

Mimi “usually” Winsberg (olympic club member coached by Coach Coady) – (2nd in 50-54 AG) (5:17) 

Derk “the Flying Dutchman” Der Korver 4:32 (3rd)

Dean “Union Jack” Johnson 4:36 (3rd)

John “Snickers” Nickerson- 4:41 (5th), nabbing a podium spot by .2 seconds in a sprint finish!

Jan “Czech Yourself” Vobecky 4:33 (5th) despite losing a few minutes to a couple bike mechanicals

Li “Gimme” Moore 4:37 (6th)

Byran “Flyin'” Powell 4:42 (8th place- 12 minute PR!)  (santa cruz looks a little different here)

Ilya “he’ll kill ya” Cantor 4:42- (8th M 45-49).

Chaitanya G 4:52 – PR, going sub 5 for the first time! (chai is 2nd from the left in the photo)

Raphael “Raph” Tse 4:58, PR going sub 5 for the first time! (Raph is all the way to the left)

Daniel “Dat Ass” Aminzade 5:08

Sven “the Swedish Fish” Mawson 5:08 PR!

Ryan “Flyin'” Monaghan 5:52 automatic PR in his first ever HIM!Saurabh “Head Bashin” Bhasin 5:50- big PR and first ever sub 6 HIM! (and 15 minute half marathon PR!)

Andrew Stamatis 5:30 – 12 minute PR!

Geoff “Nothing He Can’t Do” Lew  5:13

Thanks also to all our spectators, family and friends who came out!