Congrats to the TriForcers who raced at Ironman Chattanooga last weekend.  It was a strong day across the board for the Force: 9:50 (Kona qualification!), 9:58 (top 10) 10:23 (first ever IM), and 10:27!

Dan “Monzy” Aminzade- 9:58 (big PR- first ever sub 10!)- top 10 in his AG!


Sean Workowski – QUALIFIED FOR KONA!  9:50!   (and good job coach Rob Gray!)


Tim Hinton 10:23 in his first ever Ironman!

Elmar Fladischer- 10:27 (almost PR!)

IMchoo run

Congrats, guys! Enjoy your recovery!

We also had some other race results over the weekend:

San Jose Rock and Roll Half

* Forrest Junod went 1:32 (PR!)

* Li Moore went 1:21 (PR!) qualifying for the NYC Marathon

* Michael Sun went 1:42 (PR!)

Santa Cruz Triathlon

* Sven Mawson took 3rd in his AG!

* Fiona Moriarty took 4th in her AG (with the fastest run split)

* Jeff Wong was 11th in his AG despite limited training due to recovering from a bike crash

Well done everyone!