Congrats to TriForcers who are off to a strong start in the spring!

Tom Glynn was 3rd in his age group at Ironman Texas, qualifying for Kona!

Kona bound!!!

At Ironman Santa Rosa:

Coach Coady (me) WON MY AGE GROUP (9:26) at Ironman Santa Rosa, qualifying for Kona!  (woohoo!) The 10 hours per week training plan worked!

Yohann “the Flying Frenchman” Coppel (right, below) finished in 10:05 at Ironman Santa Rosa – a solid day at the office despite a flat tire and stomach cramps.   Mark my words– Yohann will qualify for Kona.

Todd Scheidt, “Scheidt, hush hush, eye to eye” went 10:26 in his first ever Ironman!    Impressive debut performance!!!!

Chai G, aka “Tri Loop” – 11:10 at Ironman Santa Rosa!  Well done, Chai!


Jason “Hello My Name Is” Symons “and I like to do drawrings” – 11:38 in his Ironman debut! And award for best finish line dance 🙂   YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!   (And nice work Coach Andrew.)

Other notable spring results: 

PV (Phuong Vuong) was 6th in her age group at Ironman Vietnam 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship!  (PV, send me a better pic!)  with a PR (personal best) time of 6:04.  Great work, PV!

Ken Ashcraft took 2nd place at Half Moon Bay sprint tri.  Ryan Monaghan took 4th!

Dena Becker and Emmanuel Oroso finished their first ever triathlons at HITS Napa Valley Sprint (Dena took 2nd!)


Marc “Sebi” Doerrenhaus – 1 hour PR at Oceanside 70.3!  And he beat his friend in their death match (green circle!)

TriForce at HITS Napa Valley (sorry, can’t find the photos!)

I (Coach Coady) won my AG  (4th overall)

Tom Glynn won his AG!

Dave Rolefson took 2nd in his AG!

Chaitanya & Chris Jones took 4th and 5th in the AG.

Alex Andalis took 4th in his AG.

And most importantly, Caroline, Mary and Jamie won the women’s relay division!