We had 14 TriForces or TriForce alums racing at the California 70.3 at Oceanside.  It was a super fun weekend of racing and speedo wearing debauchery that I don’t think I’ll soon forget!

TriForce wins the division 5 clubs division by 11,000 points! (To give you an idea… I’m pretty sure you get 3500 points by winning your AG!)

Mike Reilly- honorary TriForcer!

Coach Coady 4:23  (PR!)  Super happy w/the result given my current fitness.

getting my “game face” on pre-race

maintaining game face

Rob went 4:38 just 2 weeks after qualifying for Kona at IM Los Cabos.

Mike Coughlan 4:45 (PR!)

John “Snickers” Nickerson 4:48 in his first ever HIM!  (PR!) 

TEAM MVP: Alex “The Moose from Belarus” 5:49 (45 MINUTE PR!)

Andrew “Mankini” Sellergren 5:02 (PR!)

Jake “The Majestic Horse” Bailey 5:22 (PR)

Nicki “Altitude” Hemenes 5:37 (PR!)


Michael “Dark Helmet” Feldman 5:06 (almost PR)

Greg “G Funk” Funk 5:58 (PR!  Finally breaking 6 hours!)

Kyle “The Flying Scottsman” 6:27 in his first HIM (PR!)

Kyle “Incognito” Brockman 5:40 (almost PR)

(no pics!  must have been so fast Caroline missed him!  Sorry Kyle- next time wear a TF top!)

TriForce Alum Mike “Angry Rooster” Schuster 4:58 (PR!)

TriForce Alum Guillaume DeZwirek 4:41 (3rd in AG)

And some pics from out pre & post race partying (warning: disturbing images).