This year has been a fun year for TriForcers at the 70.3 distance with several 70.3 podium finishers and ten 70.3 Worlds qualifiers with five of us making the trip to Canada to race.  The venue and course was amazing– we all put Ironman Mont Tremblant on our list of “to do” races.   We also managed to sample the trifecta of Canadian junk foods along the way: poutine, beaver tail, and Tim Hortons.

Congrats also to all the other TriForcers who qualified for 70.3 Worlds or podiumed at a 70.3 this year including Dave Endean, Rob Gray, Li Moore, John Nickerson and Mike Coughlan.


I (Coady) was racing just for fun and for one last test and blowout of the legs before I do my last big IMAZ training.    On all those counts the race was a success and I was happy with my 30th place in my AG (4:21) given that I let a massive peloton of races in my AG pass by me about 15 miles into the ride.


TriForcer Andrew “Guns” Sellergren had a massive breakthrough– finally solving the GI issues that have plagued him at every race he’s done since high school cross country!  4:43- PR!  Andrew– “It’s nice to actually have my legs hurt during the run for once instead of having to slow down because I’m throwing up!”


Theo “Go Go” Goguley qualified at Oceanside then spent the summer riding his mountain bike to train for the Leadville 100 MTB race.  Theo whipped himself back into swim / run shape just in time for the race and finished in 4:31.  Alas, Theo failed in his goal to finish before me (his wave gave him an 8 minute head start).  He fought valiantly, but I got to hear a satisfying “awww… man!”  when I passed him with about 3 miles to go on the run.


Tim Hinton had an amazing year of 70.3 racing this year– he broke 5 hours for the first time with a 4:43 at Muncie.   He finished in a solid 4:55.   It was great meeting Tim (from Tennessee) face to face.


Mimi “Usually” Winsberg raced despite the fact that she has barely run for the last couple months (ankle injury).  Mimi finished in a solid 5:30 and her ankle held together!  Thanks to Mimi (and Theo) for being our French translators in Mont Tremblant and during our trip to Montreal afterwards.


The best part of the trip was connecting with the team members who came to race or spectate: Canadians Alex “the Moose from Belarus,” Janie “wife of Moose,” Katherine “Baby Moose”, TriForcer Rachael Maney from Charleston, photographer extraordinare Nikki (by night, Lauren by day) and of course my beautiful wife and TriForcer extraordinaire Caroline.DSC_0240


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