One of the huge TriForce highlights of 2014 was Ironman Arizona.  Basically everyone podiumed or PRd (expect me and except for Jason who had 5 flat tires).

  •  Mimi “Usually” Winsberg won the 45-49 AG (10:40) and qualified for Kona!
  •  Rob “An Ironman per Day” Gray was 4th in the stacked 35-39 AG (9:11- big PR!) and qualified for Kona!

Rob and Mimi just raced Kona a few weeks earlier, which makes their performances extra impressive!

  •  John “Snickers” Nickerson was 6th in his AG (9:48)- 45 minute PR!  Last year  Snickers was happy just to fit into a medium bike jersey!
  •  Li Moore was 8th in his AG (9:47) in his first ever Ironman (so, PR)!
  •  Dan “Monzy” Aminzade went 10:45 (45 minute PR!)
  •  Andrew Sellergren 11:05 (30 min PR!)
  •  Robert McNamara went 12:14 (getting team MVP for a 90+ minute PR!)
  •  Jason Hable- 13:34 despite FIVE flat tires!   What a badass for soldiering on!
  •  Peter Nguyen – 2+ hour PR!  (14:14)

1-DSC_0364 1-DSC_0379

Rob and Snickers hit the mount line together (Rob promptly breaks his chain!)1-DSC_0386 1-DSC_0393

Mimi smiling on her way to a hard fought AG win.


Jason after the turnaround.  Jason suffered five flats, but kept going!


Snickers on the hunt en route to a big PR.


Monzy rocking the TF speedo en route to a big PR!


Mimi took the lead on the run and never looked back!


The unstoppable Rob Gray- 9:11 and a Kona qualification!


Snickers- big PR!


Rob on the podium- the 35-39 AG was stacked this year.1-DSC_0567

Mimi wins her AG for something like the 4th straight year!


TriForce racers and supporters celebrate winning TriClub division 5.